Monday, December 16, 2013

Bling Bling

CT for Waggish Sparkles

Tutorial using the Bling Bling Baby Chic kit by waggishsparkles.
Supplies Needed Paint Shop Pro - I am using Adobe Photoshop, but any should do. 
The Bling Bling Baby scrap kit by waggishsparkles, 
which can be purchased at Mystical Scraps

Supplies Needed:
The first thing you will need to do, is to start a new image in 
Paint Shop or Photoshop (PSP for short). 
To do this, look at the top left corner, and click on FILE>NEW> a pop up 
will open...set width and height to 600, make background transparent, and 
make sure the transparent box is checked. Click okay, and you now have a blank size base 
for your tag, already sized and ready to go. Supplies Used: paper 8, car 2, cocktail glass 1, 
disco ball 1, ipod, eye shadow, lipstick & nail polish, martini, VIP 1, skyline 1, sparkle 5, dollar 
sign, sparkles 2 & 3. Font of your choice.

 photo alex-1.png

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